Vermont State Flower

Red Clover

Vermont State Flower

Vermont State Flower

Red clover was adopted as the Vermont State Flower in 1894. Vermonters were inspired by the previous year’s World’s Fair in Chicago, which featured a “National Garland of Flowers.” Several flowers were considered for the honor, including the buttercup, daisy, and mayflower. Vermont farmers campaigned mightily for red clover, a common sight on cultivated hay fields and dairy farmlands throughout the state. The perennial herb is a member of the legume family and a favorite with cattle and other grazing animals.

Vermont’s state flower isn’t just beautiful–it’s a workhorse. Red clover is an excellent soil conditioner and an important source of nitrogen. The plant’s extensive root systems break up heavy topsoil and suppress weeds. Bees and other beneficial insects love red clover! Anyone driving through the “Green Mountain State” is bound to encounter red clover along the state’s roadsides, valleys, mountains, and lakes.

Red Clover Facts

Name: Red Clover
Botanical Name: Trifolium pratense
Colors: Dark Red to Purple
Blooms: April and May
Fun Facts: Red Clover was brought to the New World by the European settlers. It needs moisture, so loves the climate of Vermont and grows all over it, carpeting the fields in the Spring. It is used as medicine by Herbalists for many different illnesses.

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