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West Virginia State Flower


West Virginia State Flower

West Virginia State Flower

The rhododendron was designated the official West Virginia State Flower in 1903. The fragrant shrub received high praises from Governor George Atkinson who exclaimed “I know none more beautiful and none more common in West Virginia, than the Rhododendron.” An overwhelming majority of “Mountain State” school children agreed. When asked to vote for their favorite state floral emblem, the rhododendron won the day.

Rhododendron maximum is the tallest and hardiest of the evergreen rhododendrons. The spring-blooming perennial flourishes on ravines, hillsides, and under the canopy of hemlock and maple trees. It is known by many names including great laurel, great rhododendron, rosebay, and rosebay rhododendron.

Rhododendron Facts

Name: Rhododendron
Botanical Name: Rhododendron maximum
Colors: Light to Dark Purple
Blooms: May or June
Fun Facts: The shrub usually grows up to 15 feet but can actually grow up to 40 feet high and be pruned to look like a tree. They attract Butterflies and Hummingbirds. They are native to Asia and North America both.

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West Virginia State Flower