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Aurora Art Supplies Coloring Pencils

aurora art supplies coloring pencils

Recommended Coloring Pencils for Coloring Your State Coloring Pages

If you are looking for coloring pencils to color your state flowers, state birds, or state flags, Aurora Art Supplies has really nice ones at a very reasonable price. Here is Heather’s story of how she started the company to help colorists, artists, and children who love to color.

Ever since I published my first coloring book last year I have been getting lots of questions about which coloring pencils I recommend. I also color myself, and my artist husband colors his sketches before he paints, so we have a lot of coloring pencils at our house. I wanted to find out which ones are best for which types of coloring so I bought a bunch of them. There is quite a variety of coloring pencils, so it can be an adventure to choose the right ones.

Then in the midst of this experiment, I read that due to the worldwide coloring craze going on, stores are having trouble keeping them in stock! Some people in my coloring groups were telling me that they had to wait for over 3 months to get the ones they want.

A light bulb went off in my head. What if I could create some really high quality coloring pencils that are not so costly as the ones available right now?

coloring pencils

The Quest for Great Coloring Pencils Begins

So I asked around in my coloring groups for a list of what people are looking for in a coloring pencil. Not everyone wants the same thing of course, but there are some common themes. Colorists want creamy coloring pencils with colors that blend easily. Usually they want hexagonal shaped pencils so they won’t roll off the table. They want longer ones. Many coloring pencils come in 5 inch lengths, and people feel ripped off. By the time you sharpen them a few times you are dealing with a stubby pencil. And they want them to be strong enough that they won’t break easily.

After getting that input, I took my list and started talking to suppliers in China. (I really wanted to find an American supplier, but had no luck, so I went to China. Even some of the most expensive coloring pencils are made there, and the factories are already set up so all you have to do is give them your specifications.) One of the first things on my list of specifications was a larger lead inside the pencil so that the lead would be stronger for 2 reasons. I wanted them to last longer than the ones on the market now, and I wanted them to be easy to sharpen. (Of course it’s not real lead, and it’s non toxic!) I also got full length pencils, not the short ones.

All of those factors mean you are already getting more for your money than you would with a lot of coloring pencils. Then I had the supplier give me lots of different formulas to choose from. I selected a formula that is wax based, but with more pigment than a lot of them. This makes my pencils more vibrant than others on the market in the same price range. There are high priced pencils which also use more pigment but I wanted mine to be both affordable and high quality.


aurora art supplies coloring pencils

My First Coloring Pencils

For my first product, I chose a set of 48 coloring pencils, which gives a variety of colors and since they blend easily you can make other colors by blending 2 or more of them. I also plan to add colored markers and high quality artist brushes to my line of products. Aurora Art Supplies™ is just getting started as a company, but it’s here to stay. Stay tuned for many more products! You can see the company website here: Aurora Art Supplies™

Here is my first set of coloring pencils, available now at Amazon. I already have happy customers. You can see for yourself they are vibrant!   I hope everyone will love them!


 Colored Pencils For Coloring Pages and Coloring Books, Bonus Mini Coloring Book included! 48 Colored Pencils for Adults from Aurora Art Supplies.

I also have a newer set that has labels on the pencils with the same brilliant colors and mini coloring book. Both sets have been put on special and are only $8. That’s right, $8 for a set of high quality colored pencils and a mini coloring book.

 Colored Pencils For Coloring Books, Bonus Mini Coloring Book included! 48 Colored Pencils for Adults. plastic carrying case, from Aurora Art Supplies.


I included a mini coloring book of state flowers hand drawn by me for the first 1000 customers which you can see below.(I colored the cover; it actually comes in Black and White.)
Aurora art supplies mini coloring book