State Quarter Coloring Pages

State Quarter Coloring Pages

State Quarter Coloring Pages

State Quarter George Washington

The United States Mint launched the collectible state quarters program in 1999. Five quarters were released per year in the order each state joined the Union. Can you guess which state quarter was issued first? That coin represented Delaware, “The First State,” which was admitted to the Union on December 7, 1987.

Each state quarter was minted for about ten weeks. Designs were carefully considered to reflect the symbols and traditions of each state. The final quarter released in 2008 represented the state of Hawaii, which received statehood on August 21, 1959.

State quarter coloring pages make it easy and fun to study this exciting commemorative coin series. Each flag links to a state quarter coloring page for that particular state. Print out any page and have fun coloring with crayons, colored pencils, or gel pens. You’ll also learn some interesting facts about the images selected for each of the fifty states. These coloring pages feature the reverse sides of each quarter. As you can see here, President George Washington’s image appears on the front of the coin.

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State Quarter Coloring Pages