State Flowers of the USA Coloring Book

State Flowers of the USA Coloring Book

Learn the State Flowers by Coloring the State Flowers

My friend Kim asked me to write a little about my new coloring book and the impetus for it. Kim and I are both Zazzle artists with an interest in education. We noticed that many of the available drawings of the State Flowers were not that detailed or interesting and Kim had seen some of my flower drawings so she asked if I might be interested in drawing some better State Flowers for students and teachers.

I have always loved flowers and botanical drawings both and have a huge collection of flower photographs. I also like to draw flowers and herbs in my spare time. So it was an easy decision to create a collection of the State Flowers of the USA that teachers could use in their unit studies.

The states each have an official flower that in some cases were voted on by their citizens and in other cases were assigned by their legislatures or by a state agency. In many cases the flower grows in abundance in their state. Each state in the United States has a unique history and the flower is one of the elements of that history. For students the flower is also a visual aid that might help them remember a little about each state’s history.

Now there is a huge fad of adult coloring inspired by the Art Therapy movement, so if you are interested in botanical drawings they might be something you can incorporate into your coloring too. I wanted the flowers to be suitable for framing, so I had them printed on one side only. Many coloring books are printed with drawings on both sides which presents problems with bleed through of the colors if you paint or use colored pens, or even just allowing the lines of the opposite drawing to show so you can’t frame your masterpiece. Printing on one side only solves all these problems.

I have tried to render faithful depictions of all the State Flowers and hope you enjoy coloring them as much as I enjoyed drawing them. You can purchase my State Flowers of the USA Coloring Book here:

State Flowers of the USA Coloring Book

state flowers of the usa coloring book

Note for teachers: You can buy one book and make copies of the flowers for your students. Just please do not use any of them for commercial use or remove my copyright. And please emphasize that the students also may not use them commercially.

You can also learn more about each flower by reading my blog about them here:
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