New Jersey State Flower

Meadow Violet

New Jersey State Flower

New Jersey State Flower

The violet was originally selected as the New Jersey State Flower in 1913, but the choice was never made official. Fifty years later an attempt was made to correct the situation, but the legislation failed. New Jersey’s garden clubs forced the issue in 1971. Assembly Bill No. 2180 was passed, naming the common meadow violet as the official state flower. Thus, the “Garden State” joined Illinois, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin in honoring the violet as the official state flower.

There are more than 400 violet varieties. As you may expect, the common meadow violet is the most, well … common! The attractive perennial is native to eastern North America and is known by many names, including purple violet, woolly blue violet, hooded violet, and wood violet.

Meadow Violet Facts

Name: Meadow Violet
Botanical Name: Viola sororia
Colors: White, Blue or Purple
Blooms: March to June
Fun Facts: There are more than 400 species of Violets and 4 US States list the Violet as their State Flower, but New Jersey designated the Meadow Violet as theirs. It is the most common Violet and grows all over New Jersey. They are edible, and were used in ancient Greece and Rome for food, medicine, and wine! They are a potent source of Vitamin C.

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