Georgia State Flower

Cherokee Rose

Georgia State Flower

Georgia State Flower

The Cherokee rose was adopted as the Georgia State Flower in 1916. The shrub that bears the rose is a popular landscaping plant in the “Peach State.” It grows quickly and will dominate an area if not kept under control.

The flower is associated with the “Trail of Tears,” a forced relocation of Native Americans that began in 1838. According to legend, its white petals represent the tears shed by Cherokee women during this period of hardship and grief. The rose’s yellow center symbolizes the gold taken from Cherokee lands. The seven leaves on each stem represent the seven Cherokee clans that made the journey. More than 175 years later, the wild Cherokee rose continues to grow along the Trail of Tears route.

Cherokee Rose Facts

Name: Cherokee Rose
Botanical Name: Rosa laevigata
Colors: Pure White, with Yellow stamens
Blooms: March and April, and sometimes in the Autumn too
Fun Facts: The Cherokee Rose is native to Asia, and is a sprawling shrub that will climb over other plants. The blossoms have a clove scent. It produces Rose Hips which is a potent source of Vitamin C.

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Georgia State Flower

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