Florida State Flower

Orange Blossom

Florida State Flower

Florida State Flower

The orange blossom was designated as the Florida State Flower in 1909. Oranges are extremely popular in the “Sunshine State.” Juicy oranges are recognized as the official state fruit. Can you guess the official state beverage? That’s right … it’s orange juice! Citrus fruits, especially oranges, are a major contributor to Florida’s economy.

Florida’s state flower is beautiful as well as commercially valuable. Millions of fragrant orange blossoms perfume the air during the spring. Months later, the orange tree bears its fruit, typically the sweet or navel orange. Florida produces the majority of citrus fruit grown in the United States.

Orange Blossom Facts

Name: Orange Blossom
Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis
Colors: White, with Orange dots at the end of their stamens
Blooms: March and April
Fun Facts: Florida grows the most Oranges of any state in the USA and when the Orange trees are in bloom it smells amazing outdoors in most of Florida from all those blossoms. Bees pollinate the flowers and make a Orange flavored honey which is very popular.

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Florida State Flower

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