Connecticut State Flower

Mountain Laurel

Connecticut State Flower

Connecticut State Flower

Mountain laurel was designated the official Connecticut State Flower in 1907. Mountain laurel is known by many names, including calico bush, clamoun, ivybush, lambkill, sheep laurel, and spoonwood. Why spoonwood? Native Americans created spoons from the bark of this evergreen shrub.

Mountain laurel is related to the rhododendron and grows especially well in the eastern United States. During the late spring and early summer, a single bush will be covered in blooms of red, pink, or white. A sunny mountainside of blooming mountain laurel is a spectacular sight.

Mountain Laurel Facts

Name: Mountain Laurel
Botanical Name: Kalmia latifolia
Colors: White or very pale Pink, with dark Pink dots
Blooms: May and June
Fun Facts: It is also the State Flower of Pennsylvania. Although quite beautiful, almost all of the parts of the Mountain Laurel are poisonous to wildlife and humans.

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