Alabama State Flower


Alabama State Flower

Alabama State Flower

The camellia, also known as “the rose of winter,” was designated the official Alabama State Flower in 1959. Goldenrod was dethroned after more than 30 years because it was deemed by some to be a weed. Thankfully, not everyone agrees with this assessment. Kentucky and Nebraska proudly hail goldenrod as their official state flower. South Carolina has honored the tall yellow bloom as its official state wildflower.

Alabama also recognizes an official state wildflower, the oak-leaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia Bartr).

Camellia Facts

Name: Camellia
Botanical Name: Camellia japonica
Colors: Mostly White, Pink (from light to dark), or Red
Blooms: November to March, peaks in January and February
Fun Facts: The Camellia is not native to Alabama, but China. It was not the original State Flower; the Goldenrod was, but in 1959 the ladies of Butler County, Alabama got the legislature to change it to the Camellia.

Alabama State Flower Coloring Pages

Alabama State Flower

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Alabama State Flower


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