Wisconsin State Flower

Wood Violet

Wisconsin State Flower

Wisconsin State Flower

The wood violet was officially designated the Wisconsin State Flower in 1949, following the state’s Centennial celebration. “Badger State” residents have recognized the violet as a floral emblem since 1909. Wisconsin school children voted unanimously for the delicate bloom on Arbor Day, at the request of their Superintendent. Contenders for the honor included the wild rose, trailing arbutus (mayflower) and white water lily. In the end, the children felt the common wood violet best represented the scenic beauty of their state. Wisconsin’s wet climate and woodland environs are just right for the native wildflower, which thrives in moist and slightly shaded conditions.

Did you know the violet is the most popular state flower? Illinois, New Jersey, and Rhode Island are also represented by the low-growing-perennial. Wisconsin residents admired their state flower long before it was officially adopted. Images of the common wood violet appeared on a state stamp in 1848.

Wood Violet Facts

Common Name: Wood Violet
Scientific Name: Viola papilionacea
Year Adopted: 1949
Peak Bloom: April to June

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Wisconsin State Flower