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Maine State Flower

White Pine Cone and Tassel

Maine State Flower

Maine State Flower

Forest rich Maine is commonly known as the “Pine Tree State.” It makes perfect sense to honor the white pine cone as the official Maine State Flower. The legislature made the selection in 1895, shortly after the white pine cone was included in the “National Garland of Flowers” at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

Not surprisingly, the eastern white pine is the official state tree. The lofty evergreens dominate Maine’s picturesque landscape, and have fueled the state’s economy since the 1600s. The stately conifer appears on the Maine state flag, the official state seal, and the U.S. Mint’s Maine state quarter.

White Pine Cone Facts

Common Name: White Pine Cone
Scientific Name: Pinus strobus (Linnaeus)
Year Adopted: 1895
Peak Bloom: April to May

Maine State Flower Coloring Pages

Maine State Flower

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Maine State Flower