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Iowa State Flower

Wild Prairie Rose

Iowa State Flower

Iowa State Flower

The wild rose was adopted as the official Iowa State Flower in 1897. At that time, no particular species was designated as the floral emblem of the “Hawkeye State.” However, the wild prairie rose is generally cited as the official state flower. North Dakota also adopted the wild prairie rose as its state flower. In fact, the popular rose is also recognized as the national flower of the United States.

The legislature selected the wild rose because it was one of the decorations included on a silver service that was presented by the state to the Battleship USS Iowa. Did you know that the famous battleship is now a museum on the Los Angeles waterfront? If a trip to California isn’t in your plans, enjoy the Battleship IOWA Interactive Tour. Experience first hand what it was like to live and serve on this historic ship.

Wild Prairie Rose Facts

Common Name: Wild Rose
Scientific Names: Rosa Arkansana, Rosa Blanda, Rosa Carolina
Year Adopted: 1897
Peak Bloom: June

Iowa State Flower Coloring Pages

Iowa State Flower

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Iowa State Flower