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North Dakota State Flower

Wild Prairie Rose

North Dakota State Flower

North Dakota State Flower

The wild prairie rose was designated the North Dakota State Flower in 1907. In spite of its delicate beauty, the United States Department of Agriculture regards the ornamental plant as a weed! The wild prairie rose grows like wildfire across all of North Dakota. The hardy perennial can be found along roadsides, foothills, meadows, and suburban areas. Its bloom is characterized by five bright pink petals and a center cluster of shiny yellow stamens. Because of its wonderful scent, the wild prairie rose is often picked by residents to be enjoyed in home floral arrangements. Luckily they grow in abundance and benefit from trimming. Iowa has also adopted the wild prairie rose as its state flower.

In 1889, the University of North Dakota’s student body took inspiration from the wild prairie rose when selecting the school’s official colors–pink and green. In 1920, the university’s sports teams adopted a green and white color scheme, fearing that pink uniforms would incite ridicule among their athletic rivals. Pink and green remain the university’s official colors, “suggestive of our green prairies and rosy prospects.”

Wild Prairie Rose Facts

Common Name: Wild Prairie Rose
Scientific Name: Rosa arkansana
Year Adopted: 1907
Peak Bloom: June

North Dakota State Flower Coloring Pages

North Dakota State Flower Coloring Page

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North Dakota State Flower