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New Hampshire State Flower

Purple Lilac

New Hampshire State Flower

New Hampshire State Flower

Purple lilac was designated the official New Hampshire State Flower in 1919. Competition for the honor was fierce. Apple blossom, buttercup, evening primrose, goldenrod, mayflower, purple aster, wild pasture rose, and wood lily were all considered as a suitable floral emblem. Ultimately it was determined that purple lilac symbolized the robust and sturdy character of “Granite State” residents.

Lilac bushes have been known to survive for hundreds of years. There are more than a thousand varieties in colors ranging from white to dark purple. Lilacs play an important role in New England’s heritage. America’s first president, George Washington, made notes about lilac bushes that were transplanted to his garden in Virginia. Thomas Jefferson, the nation’s third president, recorded his method of planting lilacs in his own garden book. Both Founding Fathers shared a lifelong passion for landscape design. More than two hundred years later, the historic gardens at Mount Vernon and Monticello attract thousands of visitors each year.

Purple Lilac Facts

Common Name: Purple Lilac
Scientific Name: Syringa vulgaris
Year Adopted: 1919
Peak Bloom: April to May

New Hampshire State Flower Coloring Pages

New Hampshire State Flower

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George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

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New Hampshire State Flower