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Nevada State Flower


Nevada State Flower

Nevada State Flower

Sagebrush was designated the official Nevada State Flower in 1917. Its tiny yellow flowers bring welcome color to the arid state from late summer through the fall. Evergreen sagebrush is an important source of winter food for sheep and cattle. Though the taste is actually bitter and unpleasant, animals will eat sagebrush foliage if tastier alternatives are not available. The woody, aromatic shrub is known by many names, including big sagebrush, common sagebrush, blue sagebrush, and black sagebrush.

You’ll find this hardy perennial featured on the Nevada state flag, as well as on the U.S. Mint’s Nevada state quarter.

Sagebrush Facts

Common Name: Sagebrush
Scientific Name: Artemisia tridentata
Year Adopted: 1917
Peak Bloom: August

Nevada State Flower Coloring Pages

Nevada State Flower

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Nevada State Flower