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Nebraska State Flower


Nebraska State Flower

Nebraska State Flower

Goldenrod was designated the official Nebraska State Flower in 1895, although at the time the legislature referred to the plant as “golden rod.” The tall, hardy perennial is alternatively described as an herb, a weed, and a wildflower. Several species of goldenrod are native to Nebraska. It grows abundantly in meadows, pastures, woodlands, rolling plains, and along roadsides. Goldenrod’s bright yellow flowers attract butterflies and bees, which in turn pollinate the plant and feast on its nourishing nectar. Farmers often plant goldenrod alongside crops to attract beneficial insects and migrating pollinators.

Once established, goldenrod is easy to maintain. The drought tolerant plants return each year and require little, if any water. Goldenrod flowers begin to appear around the end of July. In fact, early Native Americans who hunted in the summer paid heed to this clue. When tribesmen noted the appearance of yellow goldenrod blooms on the landscape, they knew it would soon be time to head home and harvest their corn.

Goldenrod Facts

Common Name: Goldenrod
Scientific Name: Solidago serotina
Year Adopted: 1895
Peak Bloom: August to September

Nebraska State Flower Coloring Pages

Nebraska State Flower

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Nebraska State Flower