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Hawaii State Flower

Yellow Hibiscus

Hawaii State Flower

Hawaii State Flower

The yellow hibiscus, or pua aloalo, was designated as the official Hawaii State Flower in 1988. You may run across older postcards and photographs with red, pink, and other colors of hibiscus representing the “Aloha State.” That’s because in the 1920s Hawaiians selected the hibiscus as their official Territory flower. This included all colors and varieties of the tropical bloom.

Did you know that each Hawaiian island has its own designated official flower? Many of these flowers are popular in lei-making. The Flowers of Hawaii are as diverse and beautiful as the islands they represent.

Yellow Hibiscus Facts

Common Name: Hibiscus
Scientific Name: Hibiscus brackenridgei
Year Adopted: 1988
Peak Bloom: May to July

Hawaii State Flower Coloring Pages

Hawaii State Flower

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Hawaii State Flower