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North Carolina State Flower

Flowering Dogwood

North Carolina State Flower

North Carolina State Flower

The blossom of the dogwood tree was designated the North Carolina State Flower in 1941. The legislature’s choice was an obvious one. Dogwood trees are common throughout the “Tar Heel State.” They thrive as far west as the mountains, all the way to the Atlantic coast. Residential gardeners in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham have incorporated dogwood trees in their landscape designs for decades. Many of those trees now reach 40 feet in height.

American dogwood trees are gorgeous all year long. During springtime, hills and mountainsides are covered in a mass of snowy white and light pink blossoms. Bees and other pollinators are attracted to the tree’s true flowers — small, yellow blooms located in the center of the large petals, or bracts. After a flower is pollinated, the bracts drop off and small red fruits are formed. These fruits provide food for birds, which then distribute the dogwood’s seeds. Thus, the cycle continues.

Flowering Dogwood Facts

Common Name: Flowering Dogwood
Scientific Name: Cornus florida
Year Adopted: 1941
Peak Bloom: April to June

North Carolina State Flower Coloring Pages

North Carolina State Flower

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North Carolina State Flower