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Alabama State Flag

The Yellowhammer State

Alabama State Flag

Alabama State Flag

There have been two official flags in Alabama state history. The current flag was adopted by Act 383 of the state legislature on February 16, 1895. The Alabama state flag is distinguished by a crimson cross of St. Andrew over a white background. The “X” pattern of two diagonally crossed bars is called a “saltire.”

Another version of the state flag was created to represent the governor of Alabama. This flag features the state coat of arms in the upper section and the state military crest in the lower section (see coloring page, below).

Alabama State Motto

We Dare Maintain Our Rights
Audemus Jura Nostra Defendere (Latin)
Adopted 1939
Fun Facts: In 1923 a bill was introduced to create a state coat of arms. The phrase “we dare maintain our rights” was suggested by Marie Bankhead Owen of the Alabama Department of Archives and History. Her inspiration came from a poem written by Sir William Jones, a great scholar and jurist during the 18th century. The phrase that appears on the state seal was translated into Latin by University of Alabama Professor W. B. Saffold.

Alabama State Flag Coloring Page

Alabama State Flag

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Alabama State Flag