South Dakota State Flower

Pasque Flower

South Dakota State Flower

South Dakota State Flower

The pasque flower was designated the official South Dakota State Flower in 1903. The hairy perennial grows wild throughout the state and is known by many names, including pasqueflower, Easter flower, May Day flower, prairie crocus, wind flower, and meadow anemone. The pasque flower was the subject of Native American songs and legends–centuries before Europeans settled in the area. In fact, the pasque flower was regarded as one of four sacred plants in the Rocky Mountain region. Though the fresh plant is highly toxic, many tribes found diluted forms beneficial for the treatment of digestive and respiratory disorders.

The lovely lavender bloom is one of the first flowers to appear in the spring, often before the winter snows begin to thaw. Honeybees rely on the pasque flower for early season nectar.

Pasque Flower Facts

Common Name: Pasque Flower
Scientific Name: Pulsatilla hirsutissima
Year Adopted: 1903
Peak Bloom: April to May

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