Michigan State Flower

Apple Blossom

Michigan State Flower

Michigan State Flower

The delicate white and pink blossom from the crabapple tree was designated the official Michigan State Flower in 1897. Bees love the sweet fragrance of the apple blossom. As any farmer knows, the tiny pollinators are critical to the success of an orchard.

Blossoms are a cause for celebration in the “Great Lakes State.” The Blossomtime Festival is the oldest and largest festival in the state. The tradition began in 1906 as a way of celebrating Michigan’s growing agricultural industry. Rich, sandy soil and favorable weather conditions along the shores of Lake Michigan contribute to the growing of exceptional fruits and vegetables. In addition to a variety of apples, the area is known for flavorful peaches, sweet Niagara grapes, tart cherries, juicy melons, and vine-ripened tomatoes.

Apple Blossom Facts

Common Name: Apple Blossom
Scientific Name: Pyrus coronaria
Year Adopted: 1897
Peak Bloom: April to May

Michigan State Flower Coloring Pages

Michigan State Flower

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Michigan State Flower