Delaware State Flower

Peach Blossom

Delaware State Flower

Delaware State Flower

The peach blossom was officially named the Delaware State Flower in 1953. The delicate pink blossom was adopted as the floral emblem of Delaware in 1895. This choice was prompted by Delaware’s reputation as the “Peach State” because it was home to miles and miles of orchards around the turn of the century.

Sadly, peach farmers faced many hardships in the early 1900s. Diseased crops forced a large number of farmers into bankruptcy. This effectively ended the once booming agricultural industry. Today peach orchards are not so common in Delaware, though the United States is still the leading peach grower worldwide. Delaware was officially nicknamed “The First State” in 2002.

Peach Blossom Facts

Common Name: Peach Blossom
Scientific Name: Prunus persica
Year Adopted: 1895
Peak Bloom: May to June

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Delaware State Flower

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Delaware State Flower