Alaska State Flower


Alaska State Flower

Alaska State Flower

The wild native alpine forget-me-not was adopted as the Alaska Territory floral emblem in 1917. Early settlers founded the “Pioneers of Alaska” fraternal organization in 1907. These men adopted the forget-me-not as their emblem. The tiny blue flower was a natural choice. It was frequently seen along the many trails they traveled during the gold rush era.

When the territory joined the Union in 1959, the forget-me-not was formally designated the Alaska State Flower. This hardy and rugged floral emblem continues to honor the traits of Alaska’s first adventurous pioneers.

Forget-Me-Not Facts

Common Name: Forget-Me-Not
Scientific Name: Myosotis alpestris
Year Adopted: 1917
Peak Bloom: June to July

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Alaska State Flower

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Alaska State Flower